1 Jan 2013

The tale of a patchwork quilt bedspread!

Over 20 years ago, my mum hand-made a patchwork quilt for my old Victorian bed.

Herself and my grandma sourced scraps of fabric everywhere, some of which were vintage at the time, some of which have now become vintage! Each patch tells a tale and has a history.

I love these 2 patches - which look as though they have been cut from old souvenir tea towels!
The majority of fabric seemed to be pretty vinatge florals which may have come from old aprons.
These 1950's style patterns, probably using old curtains, remind me of Orla Kiely prints
Stars, stripes and dots pre-Cath Kidson!
Remenants of baby grows/blankets that myself and my brother had out-grown, a scrap of fabric from my mums summer dress and old shirts of my daddy's were all used to create the quilt!
I like this travelling patch!
Taken from my grandmas old ball gowns?
The quilt getting another airing!