13 Jan 2013

Healthy Planet "Stuff for free" event

What happens to some stuff that charity shops are just unable to sell, stuff that you just can't put in a landfill, stuff that would use a lot of energy to pulp down, stuff that could be reworked, reused, recycled, reupholstered? It becomes "Stuff for Free" at one of several events across London, organised by the conservation charity, Healthy Planet. The initiative is a series of giant community reuse events, helping redistribute good quality stuff to a new home, where it will be valued. I went to an event this morning held in a big warehouse on an industrial estate in Acton.
Although I arrived only 1 hour after the event had started, there was little left, showing just how popular this initiative is and also a tip for the future to arrive before the event even starts! How ever, the sample of goods still there, including sofas, tables, chairs, pianos, books, clothes, TVs and childrens toys were all crying out for a second home.
It's a great place to source furniture perfect to reupholster, re-paint, and re-decorate!
 All for free!The next event is scheduled for March 2013. Click here for more details.