4 Dec 2012

Upcycled world map table!

I recently visited one of my favourite shops: Stanfords travel book shop in Covent Garden. I love their giant map floor covering and globes! I'm soon off to Vietnam, so tested the water in advance! 
When I returned home, I noticed my tired old coffee table sat in the corner of the room....
...and thinking about my Stanfords trip, I was inspired to give it a more contemporary look!
I love a bargain! I sourced a sample paint pot for £1 and set about painting the table! 
Next, I glued an old map to the table top and covered the piece with a protective coat of varnish.
Finally, I added felt circles to the table feet to make it less noisy!
My newly upcycled map table! A modern take on a globe!

Detail of the coffee table!