17 Mar 2012

Stockport Antiques Fair

The Stockport antiques and collectors fair takes place every couple of months
Highlights of todays fair included these unusual red and yellow celluloid dolls
with the "Made in Occupied Japan" stamp dating back to 1950,
found in a box in a toyshop in Egypt!
The fair takes places in the ballroom of the sumptuous Stockport town hall
with stained glass windows, cornices and gold leaf details
Pretty antique lace and trims. This stall holder often features on the TV show "Bargain Hunters"
I was tempted by the vast collection of silver cutlery, linen and tea-sets 
"Dig-out" doll with no arms - named so as so many of these dolls were manufactured, many were thrown in to tips and then later dug up. I loved the wee doll in a crocheted dress. On closer inspection she had no legs - she is an "egg cosy doll"!
A box for beauty restorers including a product for civility and to aid the brain!
The mint china boot was salvaged from an old bootmakers in Liverpool that closed down and was famous for it's window display of miniature footwear!
"Nitty Nora" print - examining children's hair for nits!

This box appealed to. Usually placed next to an open fire so it kept the slippers inside nice and toasy! I also liked the sweet 1960s sewing basket

The next fair will take place on 19 May 2012.
For more info, please call 0161 428 4191