24 Mar 2012

Ella Doran sample sale

I've always loved Ella Doran's innovative designs, created through photography-based images, so was delighted to see she was hosting a sample sale in her East End studio. My first ever Ella Doran purchase was a Route Master "Push Once" coaster, when I stumbled across the Shop off Brick Lane a few years ago.

The studio is located in a interesting place in Haggerston, London, behind a beautiful row of georgian houses, on a street lined with cherry blossoms.
I love this retro record player detail on a cushion. I treated myself to the place mat! 

I spied this Ella Doran designed plate in John Lewis a few years ago!
Striking graphics printed on trays
The pretty courtyard outside the studio with umbrellas hanging from the trees!
"Meadow" plate purchased at the sample sale!
This is one of my older Ella Doran purchases. I love the trompe d'oeil effect of the vintage plate. 
Haggesrston is a mixture of georgian houses and shabby tower blocks - like 2 worlds from different eras colliding. The newly opened overground station houses an artwork by Tod Hanson, called Elliptical Switchback, inspired by former Haggerston resident, Edmond Halley.
An "artistic" place mat to add to my collection! It's worth keeping an eye out for future sales, as not only are they held in a pretty courtyard and studio, with refreshments, but there is a big choice of lush end of line goodies and new designs at special prices! For more information, please refer to: www.elladoran.co.uk