25 Nov 2011


Each year "Lumiere", light, neon and LED installations and sculptures, designed by a plethora of artists, illuminate the skyline in Durham. Some sit outside the railway station, others are suspended over the river. I really want to see this next year!
Cédric Le Borgne - "Les Voyageurs" - Sculptures made of light - remind me of Antony Gormley
David Batchelor - "Pimp pallets" - Industrial debris to create light sculptures - I love this!

Claire Morgan - "New Moon" - industrial sized bulb suspended from a crane over the River Wear

Tracey Emin - The Queen of sexy neon!

Edmund Francis - "Anglepoise" - exaggeration of the iconic everyday design

Mick Stephenson - "Fusion" - Light sculpture made out of discarded everyday objects

Tim Etchells - "Will be" - Inconsequential neon phrases