17 Sep 2011

Theatre Props!

I love props! It's been a wee while since I had the chance to have a rummage in a theatre props store, but I've recently been deputy stage managing a production so had access to the magical world of all things pretend! Many of the American props I needed weren't in storage, so I ended up making most of them! So, shortly, tins of american spaghettios, tuna, explosives, shopping bags and New York deli take-away soups will be added to the collection! I took a few snaps of the more unusual items in stock to give a flavour of the atmosphere in those gorgeous prop rooms that exist nationwide in the anals of theatres and big warehouses! 
Prosthetic limbs seem to follow me around!

I played a naughty school girl a few years ago in "Once a catholic".
Some of these props appeared in the convent in the show (Not the menorah though!)

Very "Downton Abbey"!

A vast collection of swords...and a gorgeous old vacuum cleaner like my grandma used to have!

One item I did source for Suburban Motel was a bottle of JD! Unfort there was no call for a pair of inquisitive geese or toys!

I love the old fashioned weighing scales!

Phones and typewriters from every era

"Bums on seats" is always so important for a theatre...modern, regal, bentwood, French....no shortgae of chairs!

I could have stolen half the furniture and upcycled it - many pieces are antiques!