18 Sep 2011

Beryl Cook

I've always had a great fondness for the late Beryl Cooks paintings, which comically capture flamboyant folk going about their daily business.  

Babs & Barbara "Ooh wrap up well Babs - it's bitter out there!"
Buxom figures were her trademark; Victoria Wood described her as as "Rubens with jokes". As a shy and private person, apparently Beryl Cook shunned the limelight in favour of quietly sitting in bars, restaurants or any location with her husband, people watching; observations which would later be translated onto canvas! I imagine what her characters are saying...   
"Guiness is full of iron, you know...I drink it purely for medicinal reasons!"
I love the gorgeous "Chartiers" restaurant in Paris (I've dined here with my mum a few times!)

"Do you have them in a wider fitting, luv?"

"Tats in love!"
"Ooh she never, did she?!"