28 Jul 2011

Wiltons Grand Music Hall!

I was really pleased to read that one of Londons hidden gems has raised enough money to continue operating. Wiltons is the the oldest surviving music hall in the world. Renowned for it's atmosphere of faded glamour and decadence, Wiltons resides down Graces alley near Tower Bridge. Built in 1859, it was home to musicals and circus acts, before becoming derelict and then later reopening.
I love enjoying a drink in the original mahogany bar dating back to to the 1700's.
  The intimate performing space is supported by
wooden barley pillared galleries.
When I watch a show there, whether it be a dance performance by the wonderful Noel Wallace or a mime act warming up for the Edinburgh festival, you feel transported back in time, with history seeping out of it's cracked peeling walls.

 A wonderful venue!