27 Jul 2011

Glass Etc

The interior of Glass Etc - spoilt for choice!
Tucked away in Rye, Sussex, in a former Salvation Army chapel, is an emporium devoted to antique and 20th century glass. I love old, chunky glass, especially if it's amber or green and have a growing collection of finds from carboot sales, charity shops and markets. Glass Etc sells ware from all different eras and countries, in a variety of colours. shapes and sizes. All items are very fairly priced. Owned by antiques road show expert, Andy McConnell, his wife, Helen, runs the shop and even offers customers a brew whilst they're browsing! I declined, but did leave with an Art deco, amber, Czeck vase. Whilst in the area it's also worth also popping into Wish Barn antiques and New to you Retro