22 Jun 2011

One Booking office...with a twist!

In 1873, Sir George Gilbert Scott designed the luxurious Midland Grand Hotel at London St Pancras Railway Station. Its Victorian décor was rich and lavish, but whilst each of the 300 rooms enjoyed an open fireplace, none had en-suite bathrooms. The army of servants were requiried to scuttle around laden with chamber pots!

After the first world war, the hotel fell into decline and in 1922 the building became railway offices until 1935. Fortunately the building was listed due to its magnificent victorian gothic architecture and saved from demolition, but lay empty and exposed to vandalism for over 70 years
The old Booking office

In May 2011, after a multi-million pound refurbishment, the hotel was restored to it's former glory and re-opened as the ”St Pancras International hotel”,complete with the Gilbert Scott restaurant and the Booking office bar. I enjoyed cocktails in victorian glasses under the grand station clock; a chic and historic venue, that's well worth a visit!
The new Booking office!

Original gold leafed walls
Victorian cocktails