29 Sep 2013

Johnsons Island

Johnsons Island is one of London's hidden secrets! It opens it's doors to the public only twice a year. I visited over the summer and felt as if I'd stepped into a magical world!
Accessed by a footbridge off Catherine Bridge Rd, it is located on the Grand Union Canal in Brentford.
It is home to a small community of talented artists working in an eclectic collection of cosy....
...and creative huts!
This regal "Grey heron" wire drawing by sculptor Dianne Preston flew back home with me....and..
...if there was enough room in my lily pad, this handsome chap would have also come home with me! 

Although I loved all the huts and the different art works, I had a soft spot for Dianne Prestons birds. She actually lives on a narrow boat on the canal, where the birds inspire her work. For a list of all artists and details of future open days, please visit the website