11 May 2013

Chris Bracey; "Neon is only happy when it's on, when it's alive!"

I just adored this exhibition by Chris Bracey, light artist extraordinaire, entitled
"I've looked up to heaven and been down to hell" at the Scream gallery, London
The lyrics on this sculpture were written by Martin Gore from Depeche Mode.
Acrylic paint on reclaimed wood and neon.
Pop culture - lyrics from a song by The Smiths
This vibrant neon installation is reminiscent of the streets of Soho

Iconic imagery from Vegas...

...to tattoo culture
Salvaged carnival light bulbs on reclaimed wood conjuring up images of old fairgrounds
Jesus as you've never seen him before....
More seedy....yet seductive imagery!
  I would love to have a big, bold, kitsch Chris Bracey neon installation in my home!