23 Sep 2012

No 16 The Downs, Altrincham

Altrincham is a market town in Manchester. The market has one of the best haberdashery stalls I've been to, boasting buttons that rival even those found in my beloved Peter Jones & Liberty!
However, the reason I visited the town was to check out a venue that has had a lot of recent publicity; No 16, above Traders Outlet on The Downs.It's home to vintage, art and craft traders. 
Recently launched, the stalls are still a little thin on the ground, but as word is getting out, new traders are apparently signing up each week. Another old floral plate for my collection!
The stalls that are there already though are friendly and full of fairly priced bitsies from antique homeware to vintage dresses just like the ones worn on Madmen!
I especially liked a stall called Paraphernalia" run by a lovely, chatty and enthusiastic lady who makes your shopping experience all that bit nicer! I purchased some more old lace!
"Grandmas Attic" sold beautiful curios, vintage dresses and hand-knitted pieces following 1950's patterns. I love my miniature laced up shoe from there!
 By Christmas, with more traders, this should be a perfect place to source individual and original vintage gifts!