16 Jul 2012

The Freitag tower!

On a recent visit to Switzerland, I was excited to visit the unique Freitag shop, housed in tower of 17 freight containers in the bohemian district of Zurich-West.

I love the Freitag brand story; inspired by the colourful truck tarpaulins that drove past their offices daily, the Freitag brothers, in a former cogwheel factory, now design and produce thousands of trendy, functional and waterproof bags from recycled materials taken from the streets - used, exhaust-stained truck tarpaulins, the inner tubes of bicycle tires, old safety belts and air-bags.

 The bags are displayed in box drawers piled high - maximising the limited space.
 Each box has a picture of the unique bag contained within.
 Pulling out each drawer revealed another colourful bag
 The staircase at the side of the tower leafding up to the roof-top viewing point.
Original features echoing the orgin of the materials used to make the bags
 Mascot Freitag bike. The bags are perfect for cyclists.