24 Jun 2012

Cockpit Arts - Summer Open Studios 2012

I’ve just visited the Cockpit Arts summer studios in Deptford. What a treat! Cockpit Arts is an enterprise that promotes talented designer-makers in all fields including Jewellery, fashion, interiors, ceramics and glass. Over 160 studios house inspiring craftspeople who produce original and beautiful hand-made pieces. They showcased their work and talked enthusiastically about the creative process and concepts behind their designs.  It was refreshing to see raw talent displayed in a kind of none-commercial environment, rather than in a big exhibition centre sponsored by a random celebrity!
Sian Zheng
I was tempted to buy the scissor cushion and special wallpaper with cast of magnetic charaters and wipe clean speech bubbles! Apparently Hilary Swank has bought several rolls of paper! 
Eleanor Lakelin; designs and makes sculptural vessels and objects in wood.
Amanda Ross
 A favourite & I treated myself! A printing block (First photo) is made using flower and plant cuttings, which are then hand printed on to fabric to produce beautiful, ethereal images.
Debbi Little: Recycled silk parachute skirts!
Alex Bishop
Specialises in the construction of finest quality hand-crafted and custom-built gypsy jazz guitars.
Katharine Morling
 "Three dimensional sketch" ceramics - but they look deceptively like paper. Just exquisite!
Anja Lubach: "Skull & Roses" cermaics
Aleska (Emma Hamshare)
I loved the process involved in creating Emmas beautiful garments by creating intricate laser cut lace and digital textiles. I treated myself to one of these lace bottle covers stiffened by a resin. 
Louisa Taylor (Currently doing a residency at the V&A)
Delicate ceramics - I especially liked the tiny spoons!
Maria Livings & Marie Rodgers;  Home wares featuring unusual illustrative prints.  
Matt Nicholls - "The storytellers chair".
I loved this! Made from driftwood found in the Thames, every piece told a tale!
Charlotte Sale: "Spritz glass". These were beautiful - looked like splashes of water!
Cassandra Sabo: Light combining fibre-optic
Mary Kilvert: Talented illustrator with a homeware range.
 Lorna Syson: Three-dimentional and printed textile designer
Lizzie Allen; Hand screen printed wallpaper in vivid colours with a 1950’s feel.
“The Cockpit Art Studios Open Days; a wonderful way to source beautiful and original pieces and support local designers.”