7 May 2012

Kinzashi flowers!

Cut a strip of fabric - approx. 5cm wide
Cut the strip into 5 squares. Fold each square in half to form a triangle. Fold in half again.
Fold half the triangle back and then fold the other back to create a small triangle
Trim the corner of each triangle by a couple of millimetres where the 3 points meet. Next put a staying stitch in the corner and thread all 5 triangles like beads onto the thread until they are clustered together. Stitch the flaps of the first and last petals together. Repeat until all five petals are stitched together. Turn the flower over.
Using your finger puff out each petal until it looks like a pretty flower...
....not quite as pretty as cherry blossom, but a delicate pink Kinzashi! Very Kawaii!!