29 Dec 2011

The Power of Making!

A delightful exhibition presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 crafted objects made using a diverse range of skills. It explored how materials can be used innovatively - whether for medical innovation or social networking. 

Peter Butcher So pretty! Embroidered surgical implants! Lie under the skin providing attachment points for replacing lost tissue.
Thorunn Arnatottir A QR beaded dress which can be read by a smart phone! (Try it!)
Christien Miederstma Giant aran knitting made using 18 sheeps-worth of wool!
Elaine Colbert Extreme cake decoration; a baby made entirely from marzipan!
Damian O'Sullivan Ceramic surgical aids - pretty, but not very functional!

Susie MacMurrays "Widow". A gown made from over 94 pounds of dressmaker pins. The dress translates the grief of lost love into a shroud.