17 Dec 2011

Legendary lemon drizzle cake!

The infamous old fashioned tea cups that regulars ask for
Located in the old Fulham victorian public baths and wash house, are the renowned Dance Attic Studios, rehearsal space used by dancers, actors and celebrities, ranging from Kylie Minogue to Daniel Radcliffe! This gorgeous café serves a legendary tortilla and lemon drizzle cake made by Mr Quinn! I've been lucky enough to both relax and help out in this little gem and love it - especially in the evening when it's candle-lit, creating a magical atmosphere!    

The original stone work from when the Dance Attic Studios were public baths and wash houses

Lovely Mr Quinn who is often the life and soul of the café!
Original Rolf Harris painting, a display of old hats and lovely hand made cushions
The original green and beige tiles in the kitchen that used to be a wash room

Magical candle light in the evening