3 Dec 2011

Deptford Flea Market!

Deptford flea market was recommended to me by Mary Jane Baxter, author of "Chic on a shoestring". I was warned that I would have to kiss a lot of frogs, but as a "rummage queen", I quickly spied some handsome finds, including a wooden egg store (£1) which I'd seen on sale in an upmarket shop for £30. Also waiting for me was an old rusty french jug (50p). Every antique fair I've been to recently has sold these for about £12! Of course I had to snap up some more cheeky glass decanters and an old 1950's linen curtain - very Orla Kiely - but only 50p!
Waiting to be found....my treasures....dirty and buried amongst junk!
Found in Deptford and cleaned up in Ealing!
An old curtain amongst a pile of jumble. Washed and left to dry on my maiden.
Result - 3 meters of 1950's fabric for my next craft project.
The ones that got away...unfortunately too big and heavy to take home...but the egg store made it!
Some retro spots!
An added bonus to Douglas way is that it joins the food and general market on deptford high st, which is a wonderful market with cheeky traders, cheeky signs and cheeky prices! The market is soaked in atmosphere and being only 10mins from London Bridge, definitely worth a trip!