18 Nov 2011

The surreal world of M&Ms!

M&M World, selling confectionery and merchandise, is housed over 4 floors in Leicester Square. It is huge, very bright, lit by neon/spot lights and decorated in harsh primary colours. Although it seemed like a cross between Disney land and a petrol station shop, there was something about the concept that drew me in to the cavernous space and endeared me to the M&M life size characters, especially the green dame! (Although they looked asthough they were trying to escape!)
I think she's heading to the exit as fast as her dinky boots will carry her!
I was struck by this surreal and bizarre environment, complete with mixing laboratory and periodic tables, yet despite all the gimmicks, it felt devoid of any atmosphere! But I guess their target market of tourists and children, will love it and happily part with their M&Money!
I did like the exterior lighting! Shame it wasn't replicated within the store
"Help! Get me out of here!"
Very sinister looking!
Trapped in these clinical dispensers, the M&Ms reminded me of pills!!

London's strangest attraction!