10 Oct 2011

Upcycled Post Office!

The post box is still in use!
POD - Post Office Deli in Levenshulme is housed in the former Post office on Albert Hill Road. It serves delicious food and drink and has a unique atmosphere. Orders are taken from the original solid oak PO counter and the old tin road names that used to be on the sorting trays now decorate the café. Local artists work is for sale, hung on the walls and on sale. A delightful retreat after a days hopping in the Levenshulme Antiques Village!
Modern interior with feature chairs
Old sorting trays now used for flyers and the PO doors leading to POD

Statement floral wallpaper frames the old feature windows and PO sign, whilst
tin road names, originally used on sorting trays, now hem the perimenter of the café 
The former PO counter now the serving counter for hot chocolates and other delicacies