29 Oct 2011

Ooh-La-La-Holloway Road!

A friend who always gives me good mooching tips (including Redchurch St) recommended Holloway Rd. I love Upper St in Islington, but never usually venture beyond, as it always seems so scruffy & saturated with fast food shops! However, amongst the neon take-away signs, I found some hidden gems:
Ooh-La-La antique shop (147) occupies what looks like an old butchers shop called D&A Abrahams - it is crammed with an ecletic mix of curios ranging from retro american traffic lights to kitsch lamps from a strip club!
D&A Binder (101) only sells vintage shopfittings, counters, cabinets, button carousels and display stands from a bygone age. I've always lusted after an old fashioned glass fronted haberdashery cabinet. Unfortunately my lily pads too small!
George Sharman (93) is another haven for all things retro with some interesting lighting, 50's furniture and rugs. There was a really nice atmosphere in the shop, funky music and a pleasant scent!
Islington Central Library is an Edwardian building with beautiful masonry.
The Hope Workers café (111) is very tempting for a brew!

Marie Curie Cancer charity shop (Highbury Corner - top of Holloway Rd) sells top quality clothes and good as new homeware discarded from the local Islington houses! There were a pair of brand new gold DM boots in the window today and I bought a huge glass bell jar and church candle for £2!