13 Aug 2011

Ron Arad's Curtain Call

Curtain Call, designed by Ron Arad, is an interactive installation at the Roundhouse in Camden 
The floor-to-ceiling cineamtic curtain, composed of hanging silicon tubing,
shimmers with animated visuals by 12 artists. It has avery futuristic feel.
The audience within the curtain watching the spectacle in semi-darkness.
The curtain was an original concept in a building full of character
"Pianorama": a lighthearted audio visual composition by Christian Marclay,
featuring a keyboard looped in a giant circle, played by many hands.

My favourite piece was Ori Gershts "Offering". Half the curtain had images of
 a bullfighter  being silently dressed for a fight, whilst the other half shows crowds
 watching a fight nervously. I felt as if I was in the actual bull ring!

Excerpts of visuals by David Shrigley, Hussein Chalayan, Babis Alexiadis & Mat Collishaw
..yet another innovative installation at this wonderful cultural venue!