30 Jul 2011

What do Mischa Black, Graffiti and Barman have in common?

Moquette! Some may say strangely, but I always notice the upholstery on public transport and have my favourite designs... 
Sadly, the iconic "Mischa Black" moquette, used to upholster
District line trains is being phased out.
"Barman", introduced this year on the Central line. Clever design by Wallace
 and Sewell, depicting famous landmarks, including the London Eye. I love it!
London Midland trains . Green is my favourite colour, thus this upholstery impressed me! 
"Graffiti" designed in the 1990's to deter vandals. A far cry from...
the beautiful and decadent looking "Floral" designed in the 1930's
The London Transport museum sells furniture and homeware using the vintage moquette.