25 Jun 2011

Stopping traffic with 10,000 tubs of play doh!

Walking to work in March, in bohemian Clerkenwell, I noticed a huge tub of play doh on the pavement, entitled "Orlando". I stopped and took a quick snap of my cats name sake. As I turned around, I noticed a photographer on ladders and a couple of media type people watching me.  

They enquired what I thought of "it". I replied casually that "it" was just a bit of fun and the only reason I was snapping it was because of its name! They looked quite startled and asked what I thought of the car? "What car?" I enquired. In my haste to snap the tub, I failed to notice a bright blue car, the world's biggest Play-Doh model and designed to mark the UK launch of the Chevrolet Orlando! A PR stunt! It took a team of 8 designers, 2 weeks to pain stakingly craft the car using 10,000 tubs of play doh! 
"It" dismissively described by me as "a bit of fun!"