25 Jun 2011

Recycling vintage kimonos!

I first enjoyed Laura McCafferty's witty artworks a few years ago at 100% Design and she's been on my wish list ever since! The perceptive Irish textiles artist, based in Nottingham, blends fabrics, illustration, appliqué, stitch and print to create snapshots of social events and environments with warmth and humour. "Dare to be different" was inspired by Japanese students on the tube and was created using fabric from vinage kimonos!
"Pedestrians" inspired by folk leaving the knitting show, Harrogate
"Hair wash scene" inspired by a Nottingham salon
"Dare to be different"
Lauras unique and original pieces, that capture the tiniest detail, remind me of the textile version of the wonderful and comical Beryl Cook. I also think they have the same engaging appeal as the Manchester based designer Kathryn Edwards, who works in the Craft and Design Centre in the Northern Quarter. I was lucky enough to receive a gift of one of her beautifully illustrated canvases with printed textiles.

A canvas by Kathryn Edwards